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Governing Body Ladybridge Primary School







Ladybridge Primary School Committees


Marketing and Website

Mrs Amy Davies

Mrs Emma Hill


Pay Appeals

Professor Nick Silikas


Pay Committee

Mr Uday Bola


Resources Committee

Mr Uday Bola

Mrs Katherine Dumenil

Mr Patrick Fenwick

Mrs Emma Hill



Teaching and Learning Committee

Mrs Amy Davies

Mr Patrick Fenwick

Mrs Emma Hill

Mrs Kate Sargent

Professor Nick Silikas (Chair)

Mr Ashley Tucker


Link Roles


Health and Safety                 Ashley Tucker

SEND/Inclusion                     Ashley Tucker

Safeguarding                         Kate Sargent

Wellbeing                              Amy Davies

Young Carers                         Amy Davies


To ensure all governors carry out their responsibilities solely in the interests of our school, each governor must declare any interests they have with members of staff or with businesses that may provide services for our school. This means all decisions are made openly and in the best interests of the school.

Signed declarations by each governor are available for inspection.

Governor’s Name

I do not have any interests that may conflict with my duties in school or influence any decisions I make.

I do have an interest which may conflict with my duties in school or influence any decisions I make.


The details are below.

I declare that I am a governor at another school.

Name of company, supplier or staff member with whom I have an interest/related. Type of business. Nature of interest or the relationship. Date interest arose. Date interest was first disclosed.
Mrs Emma Hill confirmed
Mr Tom Morrison confirmed  –  –  –  –  –  –
Mr Ashley Tucker confirmed
Mrs Amy Davies confirmed
Mrs Gill Anstis confirmed  –  –  –  –
Mr Nick Silikas              
Patrick Fenwick confirmed  –  –

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