Pupils are admitted into Reception in the September before their fifth birthday. Each Local Authority school has a priority area. Details of our priority area are shown below. Before applying to a school different from their priority school, parents are recommended to visit their priority school. There is no guarantee of places for younger children who may wish to attend the school in future.

The school has an admission number of 30 and 30 applications were made stating the school as first preference for September 2016.

The Local Authority allocates all school places. Admissions forms for Nursery, Reception, mid-year and Year 6 transfers must now be completed online at

The school has a Standard Entry Number which means that there are places for up to 30 children in each year group. The school complies with the requirement that all children must be in classes of 30 or less. The Nursery has provision for 40 part-time places currently taken over 2.5 days Monday to Wednesday from 9.00 am to 15.00 pm and 9.00 am to 12.00 pm on a Wednesday.

Children are allocated places in school in the following order of priority:

  • Those with a Statement or Education, Health and Care plan naming the school;
  • Those who are Looked After by the Local Authority;
  • Those who have brothers or sisters in the school;
  • Those who have exceptionally high social and/or medical needs;
  • Then all other applications based on distance drawn by a straight line from home to the school.

Parents who have refused a place have the right to appeal via the Admissions Team, Education Division, Town Hall (0161 474 3919). The Local Authority admissions policy can be viewed at


The Ladybridge Priority area

Abbey Road Bird Hall Road numbers 1-81, 2-102 Hereford Road Regent Close
Adshall Road Bishops Close Irby Walk Sandbach Walk
Adswood Old Hall Road Brighton Close Kent Avenue Tarvin Road numbers 41-89, 56-104
Adswood Road numbers 1-89, 2-24 Calverley Road Ladybridge Road numbers 64-156, 79-169 Tatton Close
Alderdale Road Carnforth Road Larkhill Road *Tenement Lane numbers 25,28 up


*(Hill House, Tenement Lane- Meadowbank priority area)

Ashurst Drive Chatsworth Road. Larkhill View The Cloisters
Athlone Avenue Councillor Land numbers 197-269, 196-304 Littlebrook Cl



Weston Drive



Audlem Walk Dorset Avenue Malpas Close Wimbourne Close
Beechurst Road Evesham Road Oakhurst Drive  
Berwyn Avenue Granville Road Parsonage Way  
Bird Hall Avenue Grosvenor Road Priory Road




Visits to school before admission

Parents are welcome to visit school by appointment with the Headteacher.

Children who are due to join our Nursery and Reception classes and their parents will be given the opportunity to have a number of visits to school in the Summer Term.

Parent meetings are also arranged allowing parents to meet staff and to help make the entry into school as smooth as possible for all children.

Home visits for pupils entering Nursery and Reception are offered in the first week in September so children, parents and staff are able to share information.

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