Procedure for Complaints

The Secretary of State stresses that the concerns of parents and others should be dealt with, as far as possible, on an informal discussion basis with teacher and head teachers.  If the complainant still remains dissatisfied after this stage has been exhausted then the formal procedures adopted by the LA come into effect.  Local arrangements should ensure that full, fair and speedy consideration be given to a complaint at every level.

These levels are as follows:

  • Stage 1 (informal) Concerns expressed by parents and others should be discussed with those directly involved with the issue, firstly the class teacher and then the headteacher.
  • Stage 2 (formal) If the matter is not fully resolved it may be referred to the Chair of Governors or a sub-group of the governing body for consideration.
  • Stage 3 (formal) If the complainant is still dissatisfied the matter will be referred to the Complaints Resolution Office at the Local Authority. The Complaints Resolution Service can be contacted on 0161 474 3938 /3898. If it is necessary that the complaint proceeds to the final stage then elected members must be involved.
  • Stage 4 (formal) In the final instance the complaint will be referred to the Secretary of State for his/her consideration.

The Local Authority has written a detailed guidance for the complainant procedure. Click here to access the guidance.

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