School uniform is actively encouraged as it helps children to identify with their school and be proud to be part of it. We do expect that all children will wear school uniform.  Please note that there is no requirement that you should purchase uniform with a school logo on or that you should purchase uniform from a suggested supplier.  We have a small stock of good quality new and second hand unifrm available to all families - please contact Sarah Ratcliffe - Pastoral Manager if you need any uniform help.

School uniform consists of:

  • a jade sweatshirt/cardigan;
  • a white polo shirt;
  • black/grey trousers/skirt/dress;
  • black school shoes.
  • In summer green and white dresses may be worn.

Children must not wear football shirts, jeans or track suits for school.

The link to the My clothing uniform site is below:


Or Parents can visit MCS Stores on Fog Lane, Didsbury 0161 445 7740

All children must change for P.E. School provide :

  • t-shirt (white)
  • shorts (black)
  • sweat-shirt (plain) – for outdoor PE
  • jogging bottoms (plain) – for outdoor PE

We will wash all PE kits regularly (as needed) in Non-biological washing liquid.

Parents provide: 

  • Pumps or trainers

Parents must ensure all uniform and coats have your child’s name so they can be identified if mislaid.

Please note that clothing grants are not available for primary aged children.

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