Curriculum at Ladybridge Primary School

The needs and backgrounds of our children, and the school’s core values, underpin all areas of our curriculum.


At Ladybridge it is our intention that children will have deep and interesting lessons in all subjects, all children have the ability to learn and achieve regardless of the their starting point. Children will learn respect through inclusive and non-judgmental lessons and by all staff proactively challenging attitudes such as racism, sexism and stereotypes. We have high expectations for all children to aim high, we teach resilience skills so that all children can achieve.


Children will work collaboratively using Drama, active learning and Kagan strategies, shared projects and through assessment for learning opportunities such as peer and self-assessment. Children will explore subjects through deep questions, they will have differentiated challenges.


Children will be deeply engaged in their learning. They will make links between subjects and develop personal values that equip them to be good citizens. All children will make good progress. It is the expectation that all non-SEND children will achieve age related expectations; that children with barriers for learning will achieve and that more able children will be challenged to work at a higher level.

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