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Pupil premium is a Government grant provided directly to schools and from September 2012 schools have been required to provide details to parents about how this grant has been deployed.

The aim of the Pupil Premium is to support schools to narrow the gap between our most vulnerable pupils and the rest of the children.  The performance of all groups, including disadvantaged, is regularly monitored and provision amended. The impact of this is discussed with each teacher at the termly progress meetings.  Governors will look annually at the attainment and progress of all groups of pupils and consider the impact on the achievement of pupil premium children.

The amount of Pupil Premium allocated to a school depends on numbers of pupils entitled to Free School Meals and, in recent years, this was extended to total numbers entitled within the last six years.  Increases in the amount of funding Ladybridge Primary School receives is reflected in this and those funds have been used to improve attainment.

The introduction of Universal Free School Meals for Reception and Key Stage 1 children has discouraged parents from applying for Free School Meals while their children are in these age groups. This has a direct effect on our resources and we would encourage all parents whose children are entitled to Free School Meals to apply: if you are unsure, please speak to our school administrative staff who are there to help.

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