Special Educational Needs

Our starting point is that every child has needs that are special. Some children will have additional needs and our School Offer (see Special Educational Needs and Disability section) details how these are identified and reviewed as well as the central role parents play in this provision.

Here at Ladybridge Primary School we aim to ensure that every child reaches their full potential. We aim to provide an effective and appropriate learning programme rich in opportunities and wide in experience for every child in school.

  • We use differentiated work and individual educational programmes and interventions, plus a variety of teaching methods including one-to-one and small group work as well as a whole class focus.
  • A range of regular assessments are undertaken by teachers, the Learning Support Service as well as our Educational Psychologist to help us identify pupils with additional needs.
  • If pupils meet the agreed Stockport criteria for their level of difficulty they may be identified as needing a Special Educational Needs (SEND) support plan. This is updated annually and reviewed every term with parents.
  • Some children have additional needs which are defined in an Educational Health and Care Plan (which has replaced a Statement for Educational Needs). The termly reviews of our SEND support plans allow parents, teachers and other adults working with our pupils to discuss whether this additional support is appropriate.
  • Parents who wish to discuss their child’s additional needs should first talk to the class teacher. The Inclusion Co-ordinator  is also available to talk to parents about their child’s support and provision. This is Mrs Burke.
  • The school uses its resources to fund as many Teaching Assistants as possible, primarily to support pupils with additional needs.
  • In school we have a strong Pastoral Team (see Pupil Well-being section) that includes a Pastoral Manager, who support children and their families across the school.
  • The Calm Room, the Intervention Room and the Behaviour Support Room are places in  school where children and adults can work in a special environment individually or in small groups.

The Resource Base at Ladybridge Primary School
Our commitment to Special Educational Needs is further enhanced by being one of only five mainstream primary schools in Stockport to be Resourced. This means that we presently take up to ten pupils with Severe/Complex (CLD/SLD) and Profound/Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) across the primary age range.

These children are taught alongside our mainstream children. Specific elements of this resourcing include the provision of the equivalent of one full time teacher and the equivalent of five full time Teaching Assistants dedicated to the Resource provision; a fully accessible building; a modified bathroom; a Resource Room available for withdrawal teaching sessions and used by other visiting professionals; a light stimulation room: access to paramedical and peripatetic teaching staff (both to provide resources and to support the children’s learning) and the use of signing to support the children’s understanding.

The policy for Special Educational Needs has been amended in line with the Code of Practice 2014 and is reviewed annually by the Governing Body.

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