Head Girl and Head Boy


2021-22 Head Boy and Head Girl presentations to the school.

This year we had 3 Head girl and 4 Head Boy candidates.  The speeches were well thought out, the candidates presented their speeches to the school.  Following a democratic approach, every person in school had one vote, the children with the most votes became the Head boys and girls for 2020-21.


This year the election results were: Bella as Head Girl, Ryan as Head Boy, Narjis and Lizzie had a tie as Deputy Head Girls and Keiran as Deputy Head Boy.


Here are their speeches:

Bella – Hi my name is Bella, I would like to be Head Girl because I want to set a good example to our school.  I like helping teachers and I will make new students feel very welcome if they are nervous.  I will help them make new friends and enjoy being at Ladybridge so that they can go home and tell everyone that they had a great day.  If anyone is lonely I will help them find someone to play with.

Ryan I want to be head Boy or Deputy Head Boy because I want to make the school a better extraordinary and comfortable place for the children and teachers.  I want to make Ladybridge Primary School a resilient place for every race or country that you are from. I want to make good choices and I want to be humble and loyal to everyone and I will progress the school over time.  I don’t want people to be bullied for who they are and I will make Ladybridge Primary School a better place for everyone.  I don’t want anyone to be hurt by anyone or have any form of racism.  We never know how much our words can impact a person so instead we should always do the right thing instead. Be kind to each other and respect each other’s opinions. 

Also I want to help Mrs Hill to give out the rewards because people think it’s easy to do all that stuff by yourself, but it isn’t.  I want to be the Talent Show judge because I want to rate the variety of talent that these wonderful children can show. I am writing this because I want to benefit the school in different types of ways.

Narjis Hi I am Narjis and I want to be be Head Girl because I will help Mrs Hill and keep her organised.  Also I will show respect and resilience.  I will be a good role model and will make sure that you will get full support to reach your goals.

Lizzie Hi I’m Lizzie, thank you for giving me the time to talk to you.  I would love the opportunity of being Head Girl. I will make a good Head Girl because I am caring, fun, realistic, kind and helpful; so please choose me for Head Girl.  Thank you for listening.

Keiran Hello my name is Keiran and I would like to be Head Boy.  I am proud of this school and all the things we achieve together.  I would like the opportunity to represent the school for you and our wider community.  I am helpful, funny and a great listener.  You can come to me with any concerns and I will always make the time to listen and help you.  I am very approachable and even get on well with the teachers!  I will be your representative when you have views or ideas that you want sharing with Mrs Hill.  Thank you for listening and don’t forget to vote for Keiran.

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