Head Girl and Head Boy


2022-23 Head Boy and Head Girl presentations to the school.

In autumn 2022 our Head boys and girls speeches were very moving, these are our elected children. We are so proud of the children for their attitudes and care for the school.

Head Girl 2022: Katy Sheridan – Hi my name is Katy.  I would like to be Deputy Head Girl or Head Girl because I would like to make sure everybody is happy.  I also want to be Deputy Head or Head girl because I want to help stop bullying inside school and out because no child should be made to feel upset or hurt in any way.

I also want to stop racism in school because NOBODY! Should feel uncomfortable or excluded because of the colour of their skin.  We are all the same on the inside and out.

I also want to help the environment more by having more litter picks and recycling the litter we pick up.

Our school is like one big family, so help me make it one big happy family.

Please vote for Katy.

Deputy Head Girl 2022: Aeva Tucker – Hi my name is Aeva Tucker.  I have been at Ladybridge since I was 3 years old and I love this school.  I am responsible, kind, caring and understanding, respectful and lots of fun.

If I am lucky enough to be elected Head Girl I will do my best to make sure everybody feels comfortable and safe within our school.  I will also try very hard to help everybody feel equal and cared for.  If you ever need my help you can always come and speak to me and I promise I will listen.

I will be a brilliant support to Mrs Hill and will am sure to remind her if she forgets anything in the Going for Green assemblies.

It would be an honour to be the Head Girl of Ladybridge Primary School, the best school in the world! So please vote for me.

Thank you for listening, I hope you have a happy day.

Head Boy 2022: Payaam Imran – Hi my name is Payaam and I believe that I would be a good Head Boy because I am an enthusiastic pupil and I am also a sincere and loyal boy.  I want to make the school a comfortable place for everyone.  I also want to make the school a resilient pace for everyone, no matter what your differences are.  I don’t want people to get bullied for their differences.

I would love the opportunity to represent the school.  You can come to me any time and I will try my best to help you.  Also, I want to help Mrs Hill give out the rewards because it can be hard. Finally I would like to be a judge for the Talent Show because I would like to see the variety of talents the amazing children of Ladybridge have. 

Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope you vote for me.

Deputy Head Boy 2022: Harvey Holliday – Hi my name is Harvey and I think I should be Head Boy/Deputy Head Boy because I’m loyal, nice and clear voiced.  If Mrs Hill needs anyone to get anything, I know where it is because I know this school like it’s the back of my hand.  It would be a great opportunity.  Thanks for listening!


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