Head Girl and Head Boy


2020-21 Head Boy and Head Girl presentations to the school.

This year we had 8 Head girl and 4 Head Boy candidates.  The speeches were well thought out, the candidates presented their speeches to the school.  Every person in school had one vote, the children with the most votes became the Head boys and girls for 2020-21.


This year the election results were: Ava as Head Girl, Calvin as Head Boy, Kaitlyn as Deputy Head Girl and Dillon as Deputy Head Boy.


Here are their speeches:

My name is Ava and I am 10 years old.  I think I will be a good Head Girl because I will be responsible respectful, kind and caring and I will always aim high.  I will do whatever the Headteacher wants me to do; like give out certificates and things like that.  I am very helpful with those kinds of things.  I hope that you all feel that you can come to me in confidence and discuss any issues or worries that you may have and also any wonderful ideas to make our school even more wonderful.  Please can you vote for me. Thank you. I hope that you all have a wonderful day.

My name is Kaitlyn, I would like to be Head Girl because I follow all the core values which are Respect, Aiming High and Resilience. I am also loyal I will help to organise things before assemblies because Mrs Hill always forgets something.  I will help anyone who needs it and I will encourage everybody.

My name is Calvin, I want to be Head boy because I am kind, fun respectful and caring.  When somebody is hurt I will help them.  I will also help the Headteacher.

My name is Dillon and I think that I would be a good Head Boy because I’m funny and kind hearted and respectful.  I will help Mrs Hill when she needs help and children that need help as well.  I am a caring person so please vote for me.

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