School Staff

Mr Tom Bolan Ashworth and Mrs Emma Hill Co-Headteachers, Designated Safeguarding Leads/Named people for Child Protection and Looked After Children, First Aiders
Mrs Amy Davies Deputy Head Teacher, Assessment and Curriculum lead, Year 5 teacher, First Aider
Mrs Parker Resourced Base teacher, First Aider
Mrs Kim Goodwin Early Years/KS1 Lead, First Aider
Ms Sarah Woodworth  Year 1 teacher, First Aider
Mrs Rachel Evans Year 2 teacher
Mrs Emily Burke Year 3 teacher, SENCO and Looked after children lead, First Aider
Miss Beth Brownrigg Year 4 teacher, First Aider
Miss Abigail Irving Year 6 teacher  
Miss Vicky Twyford Nursery Nurse and After School Club Leader, First Aider
Ms Liz Milner Higher Level Teaching Assistant, First Aider
Mrs Amy Banwell Higher Level Teaching Assistant, First Aider 
Miss Neve Taylor Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Liz Smith Teaching Assistant (part time)
Mrs Margaret Taylor Teaching Assistant (part time)
Ms Laura Butterfield Teaching Assistant, First Aider
Mrs Janet Chantler Teaching Assistant, First Aider
Mrs Dee Dixon Teaching Assistant, First Aider
Miss Maria Ferguson Teaching Assistant (Part time),First Aider
Mrs Hina Alam  Teaching Assistant (Part time)
Ms Ramla Delil  Teaching Assistant (Part time)
Mrs Kirsten Skevy Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor, First Aider
Ms Nicola McConville Teaching Assistant (Part time)
Mr Nathan Bagnall Teaching Assistant (Part time)
Mrs Syeda Hasan Teaching Assistant (Part time)
Mrs Katherine Dumenil Business Manager, First Aider
Mrs Sally Pickford Administrative Officer, First Aider
Ms Sarah Ratcliffe Pastoral Manager, First Aider
Mrs Jackie Cooper Caretaker, First Aider
Mrs Julie Gough Cleaner

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Ladybridge Primary School

Councillor Lane, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 2JF

Emma Hill and Tom Bolan-Ashworth

T: 0161 428 5445


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